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Welcome to the GSC wiki!

Game Servers Client (GSC)

Free Voice Communication
With GSC, you can pick from any of 14 worldwide datacenters to host your own free voice server. Get full rights to create rooms, kick and ban users, and personalize your voice server. Plus, your settings are always saved - the voice chat room doesn't disappear when you log off!
Your Friend Locator
Ever wonder what your friends are up to? Find them online using GSC's integrated game server tracker to see what game they are playing and what server they are on. Joining your friends' game is now only a double click away!
Your Game Source
Ever wondered how to find the hardest servers to play on? Or the most popular? Or where you last played and for for how long? With our integrated GameTracker browser, you can now search through a global server database in many ways and add favorites to your preferred server list.
Your Friend Connection
Use text or voice chat to talk to your friends, anytime, anywhere! Talk to your friends, keep logs of conversations, and even receive messages when offline. You can even send and recieve messages in the middle of a game!


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